Butcher Shop

In-House Processing
Let our staff custom butcher your game to your specifications! One week turn-around on most game. All animals hang in large walk-in coolers. We can also make six different kinds of sausage. YOUR ANIMAL IN — YOUR ANIMAL OUT!Processing Fees:Whitetail, Fallow, Sika, Ram……………. $70.00
Stoker & Russian  Hog………$130.00
Elk (Cow)……….$300.00
Elk (Bull)………$350.00

Skinning Fees:

Deer, Hogs, Rams… $20.00
Elk, Buffalo……..$40.00

Your Premiere Hunting Spot Since 1988!!

Trophy Ranch, Inc. 2015 – 2016 Price List
Deal One:  If your group consists of 10 or MORE HUNTERS taking animals, you get the lodge and hunting grounds all to yourselves. PLUS on the day you arrive, hunt and extra hog for aWHOLE HOG ROAST WITH ALL THE TRIMMINGS! Deal Two: If your group consists of 7 to 9 hunters taking animals, you get the lodge and hunting grounds all to yourselves. Plus during your stay a COMPLIMENTARY DINNER! Deal Three, One to six hunters: Guide service available!
We hunt on a NO Kill – NO PAY basis ( except for lodging and guide fee). A wounded animal is considered a kill and must be paid for.
    Day Hunt 3 Days 2 nights
Stoker Hog 200 – over 300 lbs $395. $450
Russian Hogs 200 – over 300 lbs $550 $600
Fall Curl Rams   $500 $550
Fallow Bucks   $1,500 & Up  
Sika Bucks   $950 & Up  
Elk   $2,400 & Up  
Buffalo   $2,400 & Up  
Texas Long Horn   $1000 & Up  
White Tail Bucks:  
6 Points $1600  
7 Points $1700  
8 Points  $2,400  
9 Points $2,500  
10 Points $3,000  
Trophy  Whitetail Call for price  
Trophy Ranch, Inc. Price List

Non-Hunters $50. per day 

1 Day Hunt (No lodging) – $50 off the animal

GUIDE AND LODGING FEE of $50.00 per day per hunter (Not charged if animal taken). Caping and skinning of your animal is $20.00.

DEPOSITS are $100.00 per person.

Non-hunter lodging $50.00 per person.

Personal checks accepted for deposit only.
We accept Visa, MC, and Discover.

Gratuities to guides appreciated!

  160 acres of thick woods and swamp.
Hog weights range from 200 to over 300 pounds!
  Shots are taken from 10 to 100 yards. For weapons, we suggest:
• Handguns (.357 or larger)
• Shotguns with slugs
• Bows (45 lb. and up) ~And Cross Bowa~
• Rifles
• Black powder (.45 caliber or larger)
All hunters must wear blaze orange hat, vest, or coat.
  All Trophy Ranch hunts include:
• Guide service
• Fishing privilege
• Walk-in cooler service
• Field dressing
  Booking dates will be held for two weeks only without a deposit. Cancellations up to one week prior to scheduled hunt will receive 50% deposit back. Less than one week cancellation will forfeit any deposit.






4076 Spencer Rd, Ubly, MI